Day 34 on the Camino Frances, Lavacolla to Santiago

We didn’t have far to go to Santiago, 10.2 km, 6.34 miles, and the imminent end of the trip left me feeling adrift. After hiking that long, one gets the feeling that this is a life style: getting up, walking, eating when needed, getting a room, take a shower, take a nap, go out for dinner. Ending that routine didn’t appeal to me.


We stayed at the Casa Da Balconada. It was a small room with double beds and a nice and tiny bathroom, on the 4th floor, reached by a tight spiral staircase. It was a block from the cathedral, and had terrible wifi connection. Not a big hardship, but you had to go down to the lobby to get wifi. We went out in the evening and found that the World Cup (soccer) was on, France vs ___________, and nobody was cheering for France. We had a baked rice dish, not very good. Our hotel was on the street below. We got our Camino credentials stamped, and got “diplomas”.