Day 32 on the Camino Frances, Castaneda to Salceda

We got an early start, and found coffee and a croissant at Peruscallo, and eggs and bacon after the bridge below in Calzada.


We ran into our Swedish friends on the way, and our Danish civil engineer friend. We got into our hotel by 12:30, showered and later searched for food, ending up with a burger.


We were at the Pension Albergue Alborada, a clean and modern place. There were not many albergues in this town, and we ran into people who could not find accomodations and had to go on for 10 km to hopefully find a place to spend the night. We had a room with 2 beds, but the Alborada also had a room with bunk beds, but they were all full I guess. We had walked 18 km, 11.2 miles.