Day 26 on the Camino Frances, Linares to Triacastela

This day I had a destination, Triacastela, where I was to meet Ciera the next day. Triacastella refers to three castles, which are all gone now. The views in the morning were awesome, and I passed through some beautiful country and old ruins.


We were seeing more traditional Galician structure and carts. These had wooden wheels, long tongues, and the farms were raised on stilts, with a flat stone “mouse proofing”, and a thatch roof. These were for storing grain. The carts were used until automobiles became available.


I got into Triacastella as it was threatening rain, and it soon sprinkled. On the way I passed through a village with a tiny and ancient church. A local said it was the oldest church on the Camino. The hotel was the Lemon, about 3 floors of spic and span rooms and lobby.