The John Muir Trail 2018, Reds to Tuolumne, the home stretch.


We got to Red’s Meadow Resort in the afternoon, had a hamburger, and soon ran into Nam and Joe, who were camped at the backpacker campground. We did laundry, got our food drop at the store, and had dinner and breakfast the next day. The next day, and reluctantly, we headed off in the direction of 1000 Island Lake, our destination for the night.

The first lake we hit was Shadow Lk, then Garnet, then a big push over a rocky spine to go past Ruby Lk and finally arrive at Thousand Island Lk. at close to 10,000’. This was something like a 15 mile day, and I was totally wiped out.


We found a place to put up a tent and got some supper before turning in. It was quite cold (as usual at this elevation) and when I got up in the wee hours of the night, I tried to take a shot of the Milky Way. The streaks are grasses near the camera.


The next day we got going and headed over Island Pass, and Donahue Pass. We headed down from Donahue Pass, toward Lyell Canyon.


Gary was faster than me and got to the flatlands of Lyell Canyon. I found myself out of energy a bit higher, and camped by myself by a bridge over the Lyell. The next day Gary and I reunited, and also ran into Nam and Joe, and limped in to Tuolumne Meadows, the trip finished except for the eating and driving.