The Enchantments, Washington

I used to live in Wenatchee, and from there the Stuart Range was our backyard. We went to Stuart Lake, Colchuck Lake, and the Enchantments all the time in the days before permits were required. The Enchantments are a high plateau in the Stuart Range, near Leavenworth WA. The first time I was up there I went in by way of Snow Lakes, and I swore never to do that again. It seemed like a knee killer on the way out. I think it was 20 miles out. The "secret shortcut" route in is via Colchuck Lake and Aasgard Pass, aka Colchuck Pass. First you hike in to Colchuck Lk, go around the lake counterclockwise, and go cross country up the pass.  The lake water is glacial, so it really is that color. 


Shown below is more or less the route up the pass, some 3000' of gain. I went up that pass maybe 5 times before I learned that there is a bit of trail on the left side, and is much easier than the right side where the stream is. 


Below, Tuckie on the way up Aasgard Pass. 


Ron Claghorn, almost at the top of the pass. 

Enchantments with Ron001.a.jpg

You are sure to see goats up there, and they are pretty unphased by humans. 

Enchantments with Ron035.a.jpg