North Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon

The North Kaibab Trail runs between the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River. For us it started at the river, and we headed up some 1500' to Cottonwood Camp, as we left Bright Angel Campground at the bottom. BA campground is 100 yards from Phantom Ranch, where you can get meals by reservation, or you can get over-the-counter beer, bagels, cold pop, and snacks. Below is Bright Angel Creek, with the campground on the right, and Phantom Ranch on the left and behind the camera about 100 yards. 


The trail heads up along side the creek  in a scenic narrow gorge. The narrow canyon part of the trail is called "the box". The first stop of note is Ribbon Falls.


Shortly thereafter we came to Cottonwood Camp at about 7 miles, site of a bathroom, picnic tables, tent sites, and water that must be treated before drinking. There are ammo cans for food lock up, and a pole for hanging packs. We spent the night there, with some of us venturing into the creek for splashing around. I came out way more refreshed than I should have. I lay down and tried to put my feet up for a while. The next day we continued up the trail, headed 13.8 miles and 4300' up to the north rim.


The North Rim is higher than the South Rim, had snow on the ground, and although the park facilities were closed we did find potable water. There are tent sites, picnic tables, and ammo cans for food storage. Man was this a hard day for me. We saw Ribbon Falls at a different time of day the next day.