Salt Creek, Canyonlands, Utah

We did a spring break hike in the Needles district of Canyonlands, out of Moab Utah. The destination was Angel Arch, which is up Salt Creek.  At first we walked up the sandy creek bottom, saw some water at times, but it was not flowing. Later we'd come to appreciate ANY water. 


Our first destinatation was Peekaboo Arch, where we saw Indian art, and caught a breath. It was also the last time we saw water for a long time. 


Peekaboo Arch was at about 3 miles, but it felt like 5 miles. From there we hiked on for 6 miles, and finally camped where we thought there was water but there wasn't. We pitched tents then ranged ahead looking for water, because we were desperate. Luckily we found water about 1/4 mile away, and it was a nice close to the day. Compared to having no water, the puddle below looked pretty good. 


That night we were hit by fierce winds, and with mesh on 4 sides of my tent I had fine red dust everywhere. Later it started to rain, and the wind continued while it rained. My tent was anchored by big rocks, and moved a bit in the wind, but always sprang back. The creek didn't rise, and water didn't flow, but there was a bit more water in rocky pools on the next days hike to Angel Arch.  Below is Angel Arch, and below that the Eyes of Jabba, obviously.