Altra Lone Peak trail shoes

I got a new pair of trail shoes for hiking the Camino in Spain, and walked a lot around Boise before the hike. The photo below is what they looked like when they were new. 


The photo below is what they looked like after roughly 500 miles of walking. I did the Camino and all the training for it, with no blisters! That is kind of unheard of.


The bottom photo shows the Altras after hiking the 220 mile John Muir Trail a few months after hiking the Camino. I should have replaced them before the trip, but being cheap, I thought they might make it through the hike. The sole started to peel back on one shoe, and was scooping sand, so I drilled a hole in the sole, and tied it up so it wouldn’t get worse. After hiking 500 miles on the Camino, and 220 miles of the John Muir Trail, these shoes are shot. On the 3rd week on the JMT, I got some blisters from toes rubbing against neighboring toes. My next shoes are going to be Altras!