Day two of the Camino Frances, Orisson FR to Roncesvalle SP

We couldn’t wait to get out of Orisson, and we headed up the road to cross the Spanish border and get to the converted monistary at Roncessvalle. It was raining, the wind was blowing, and we left the road where the signs indicated, and started across a grassy (sometimes muddy) trail.

There were horses on the route, and one seemed like he wanted something from me. An apple?


We got to Roncessvalle, and decided to treat ourselves to a hotel room. The bathroom and room was deluxe, and we had our laundry done for another $10.


We stayed at the hotel at Roncesvalles, 148 E, for 2, plus we bought a nice breakfast. Below is the albergue part of Roncessvalle. The albergue part of the establishment is run by volunteers from Holland, and they were dealing with lots of people in a very organized manner.