Day 4 on the Camino Frances, Viscarette to Larrasuonas

We had some Tortilla Espanola, coffee (cafe con leche), and fresh squeezed OJ in Viscarette, and headed toward Larrasuonas. First stop, Zubriri, for lunch. We walked on a rural road through some small villages, over a big rocky hill, and across an ancient bridge into Zubriri.


A bit further down the river we crossed another ancient bridge to Larrasuona. Above is the 14th century Bridge of the Bandits in Larrasuona. We didn’t have a reservation in this town, and after checking out some albergues and refuges, we found a room. Note to self: We decided its better to have a reservation. Below is the 14th century church in Larrasuona.


We had a meal with other pilgrims, one of our few communal meals, and met some pilgrims from all over the world. Before dinner, we headed into town where I made a new friend.