Day 14 on the Camino Frances, Ciruena to Redecilla del Camino

I was glad to hit the road from Ciuena, with the first interesting stop being Granon, for Nestea. It was another hot day. Below is the Church of SanJaun Bautista in Granon, It was built in the 14th century as part of a now absent monastery. Granon was a Roman frontier town, and was inhabitied before that by Celtish people.


The church above is in Granon. The next town was Redecilla del Camino, developed as a Camino town in the 11th century. The Camino passes through town surrounded by buildings, which earlier had lined the older Roman road. The Camino parallels the highway to the left, and just before Redecilla crosses the hiway and swoops through town right of the highway.


My hotel was on the left, over a bar, and adjacent to the big church and small town square. Upon entering Redecilla I had left the region of La Rioja, and entered Castilla. These used to be independent countries, and were united by Ferdinand and Isabella in the 15th Century. Redicilla develped in the 11th century as a pilgrimage town, and has a remarkable church with a baptismal font in the Romanesque Byzantine style.