Coffee Cup Lake, McCall area

Coffee Cup Lake is a short hike in the McCall Area. Its about a 6.4 mile round trip with 1800’ of elevation gain. From McCall, you drive west 5.5 miles on Highway 55 to Brundage Mountain-Goose Lake Road. At 18.7 miles to a spur road. Turn right at the Hard Creek Campground. You hike past Grass Mountain lakes, and gain a ridge above Coffee Cup Lake.

Coffee Cup Sep 06 007.a.jpg

Sh own below are the Grass Lakes, about 2 miles from the trailhead.

Coffee Cup Sep 06 009.a.jpg

Shown below is the view from the ridge looking down to Coffee Cup Lake.

Coffee Cup Sep 06 019.a.jpg
Coffee Cup Sep 06 034.a.jpg

On our trip there were a couple of fishermen, and they set about catching some very nice trout. That pocket knife is about 3” in the closed position. I put the walnut handles on that little knife, and I really liked the knife.