Recent Knives/ Paperweights I have made

The last 3 knives I have made have had issues, and after making about 15 knives, I’m going to say there is a good chance the kit might be more at fault than my knife making skills.


From left to right:

White micarta, green liner, Sheriff kit from It opens and closes ok, but can be folded to closed position without using the blade release. Useable, but not the best I have ever made.

Mountain mahogany with red liner, Bighorn kit from Jantz. It has strong “click” when it locks open, strong click with closing, but I had to grind off some of the springs and release lever to correct some interference. The blade also doesn’t fully close, having the blade tip just slightly open. I ground down the blade tip to make it pocketable.

Apple wood with red liner. I made a knife that the blade flopped out by gravity, so I chiseled off the scales and started over, using apple wood which has been in a pile of firewood. Not having a lanyard tube, I used a bolt and filed it down to the right diameter. This knife doesn’t have much snap when closing.

Far right: Koa wood with Sheriff kit. Again, the closing snap is not great.

Either my knife making kills are decreasing, or these kits have quality control issues.