Buck Short Revolution Knife

Buck Knives recently moved from Southern California to Post Falls, Idaho, and continues to make knives of incredible quality and craftsmanship.  I really like some of the new smaller knives.  A Swiss Army knife is great for a lot of outdoor uses, but if you clean a fish with it you inevitably get all the blades dirty in the process, and its hard to clean out all those nooks and crannies.  What you need is a one bladed knife with non-corroding parts, and the Buck Short Revolution is the perfect knife for that purpose.

This knife hasa blade that rotates to open or close it, so eliminates some internal parts that lockback knives must have.  It has a clip built into the blade end that can be clipped to a belt, pack or to a leash from a fishing vest or pack.   A release button releases the blade from the open or closed position. Nice designs are simple ones, like this.  At 2.7 ounces, even an ultralight hiker won't mind carrying this.   The Buck Knives homepage is here.