More on P-38 Can Openers

I wrote a first piece about P-38 can openers a while ago.  Shortly I posted another piece with some P-38 patents.  Here are a few more P-38 type can openers, the favorite of hikers, GIs, campers, aviators, sailors, and anyone who needs to get a can open.  Later, I met Kobie of and enjoyed his P-38 can opener history page, complete with government specs for the little wonder. 

Here are some additional P-38 type can openers. 

This 1924 can opener has a little swing arm that locks the cutting blade in place when it is not in use.  Very nice.

This can opener has a recess that the blade fits in when not in use, and it has a bottle opener.

Last but not least, this 1981 can opener is made to be easy to use by left or right handers.  I want one of these!