Alice Toxaway Loop in Idaho

This summer a gang of Troop 100 scouts and their parents, and some family members, repeated our loop hike from Petit lake, to Farley Lake, to Toxaway Lake, over Snowyside Pass, and down to Alice Lake, and back to Petit Lake.  The previous two hikes of this route were thinly attended, but this year, participants added up to around 20.  That many people exceeds the maximum party size in the Sawtooths, so we split up the group and had one group do the loop clockwise, and one group do it counterclockwise.

I was with the older scouts, so our first stop was Alice Lake.

I was with the older scouts, so our first stop was Alice Lake.

We laid over a day to enjoy the fishing and views at Alice, and headed over Snowyside Pass on the third day.   It was slow going and high elevations, but the view down to Twin Lakes was very nice.  We were also out of the mosquitoes so that was nice.

Our group got to the top of the pass first, and we sat around eating and waiting for the other half of our original party to come up from the other side.  They did, and we had a nice reunion.  They said the mosquitoes were about as bad at Toxaway as we had at Alice Lake.

After a snack we headed down to Toxaway Lake, and we found that our favorite camp site was available.  On the way we saw a lot of nice alpine buttercups.

The next day we hiked out past Farley Lake, and over the huge glacial morraine that separates Petit lake from Farley Lake.  That big hill seems to have gotten taller.  Last but not least appreciated, we hit the Bridge Tavern in upper Stanley for some awesome burgers and fries.