Baking Pizza on a Caldera Cone and Stove / Outback Oven

On a July hike to Imogene Lake I tried making pizza using the Caldera Stove and the Outback Oven.  These two make a nice combination for baking any bread or cake.

This is a view of the ingredients in the bag, and the Caldera Cone Ti Tri assembled.  My version of pizza uses a cup of Jiffy pizza mix, pepperoni in a little baggie, Boboli tomato sauce in a bag, string cheese, olive oil and dried garlic. Note that the Ti Tri is a cone of titanium which acts as a pot support, and windscreen.  When used with the Outback Oven, the ti stakes suspend the scorchbuster of the Outback Oven above the flame. 

The recipe is below.


The first step is to mix up the pizza mix with water, and cut up the pepperoni and cheese into bite sized chunks.   The pizza dough should be kind of thick, not pourable, but this makes it a little hard to spread out to cover the bottom of the pan.

Here is the mixed up dough ready to spread out in the pan, which is the lid of the Evernew 1.9 L pot set. The next step adding tomato sauce (Bobolli) from the pouch.

Next, the fry pan is placed on the Cone, above the Scorchbuster of the Outback Oven, and the pot is placed inverted on the fry pan.  The thermometer is placed on the pot bottom, and the Outback Oven insulated cover is placed over all, with the pot handles folded in.

Next, the dough with pepperoni and cheese chunks is baked for about 30 minutes in the Caldera Cone and the Outback Oven.  The photo below is how it came out, which was pretty darn good!!

Here is the nice lake we hiked to in July, Imogene Lake in the Sawtooths.  A picture of Imogene Lake is in the header of this web site also, from a few years ago.

The recipe (adapted from Sarbar's pan pizza)

Baked Pizza using Caldera Cone and Outback Oven

Serves one, Baking time 25 minutes

Double the recipe for two people, and most likely make two batches.


  • 1 c Jiffy Pizza mix
  • 1 T Italian herb blend
  • 1/2 t diced dried garlic
  • 1/2 t ground black pepper
  • 1 oz olive oil (or 1 packet)
  • one pouch Bobboli tomato sauce – find with the pre-baked pizza crusts.
  • 2 oz string cheese,Gouda cheese, cheddar, or other cheese.
  • 1 pkt shelf stable pepperoni slices, find the kind with two separate inner pouches.
  • approx 1/2 c water


Pack the dry ingredients in a sandwich bag, seal tightly. Pack the oil, cheese and meat with it.

Cube up the cheese on a paper towel and separate and dice the pepperoni slices (or use pre-sliced). Add cool water to the pizza mix in the bag and knead carefully till you have a dough.  Place the oil in the pan, spread the dough in the pan, spread the tomato sauce on the dough, and place the cheese and meat on top of the dough.

See the posts below for more information on the Caldera cone, stove, simmer ring, and Outback Oven.  In an Evernew pot set for 1.9L, about 7 inches in diameter, one can make one of these pizzas.  Put about 3 oz of alcohol fuel in the TrailDesigns stove. That amount makes it about full.  Use the simmer ring on the stove, to slow it down so it can burn for 30 minutes. Some trial and error at home is worth while to get the procedure down.

Assemble the Caldera cone and place the stove inside.  Place the foil reflector from the Outback Oven over the TrailDesign stove.  Use the titanium stakes of the Caldera cone to suspend the Outback Oven scorch buster from the top edgeof the cone (use paper clips for suspension).  Place the fry pan on the cone, cover with the pot from the cookset.  Place the Outback Oven thermometer on the top of the pot, and place the Outback Oven insulated cover over the pot. I use a wooden stick to light the stove, and to place the simmer ring over the stove.

Heat until in the BAKE zone shown on the thermometer, using a simmer ring on the TrailDesign stove.  Cook till golden brown on the bottom, about 25 minutes.  You will see the dough rise, the cheese melt, and toward the end smell the dough browning.   When the dough is brown on top, its ready.   To make it easier to remove, cut the pizza in half and remove half at a time.