Mt. Williamson, Independence, California

My brother Mike and I drove up and down the Owens Valley many times, and we were always struck by the impressive view of Mt. Williamson, near the town of Independence, California.  Ansel Adams took a striking photo of Mt. Williamson and we always wanted to find the site of his photo some time.  I was in Owens Valley last week and had the time to find the site of the photo, so Kevin Anderson and I set out to find it. Using an iphone, Kevin found a reference on google on one guy's effort to find the site.  He found the site next to a geocache, and he listed a latitude and longitude of the geocache.  We parked at the lat/long listed, and wandered around the area.  We didn't find the exact group of rocks in the foreground of Ansel Adams' picture, but it was obvious were in the right boulder field.

After about an hour of searching up and down the area, we gave up and decided to leave.  As we were driving out, Kevin saw a dirt spur road that went about 30' south of the Williamson Creek road, and went up to check it out.  Bingo!  He found the geocache and sure enough, west of the geocache was the same group of rocks that are in Adams' photo.  Adams' photo is the one at the top, my version is the one below it. I'm not saying mine is a great photo, but the point is that its the same group of rocks, therefore the exact spot where he took the photo.