Rapid Lake backpack with the Scouts, September 2013

Troop 100 was scheduled to hike to Box Lake, a popular lake off Lick Creek Road, but as the departure date approached, the roster was becoming too large for the limited camping at Box Lake.  We picked an alternate destination to Rapid Lake, also near McCall, a 4 mile hike from the Boulder Meadows campground.  Leaders for the trip were Mt. Fujino and Mr. Mick.

The water level was low at the reservior, and the old tree stumps were showing in the mud of the lake.  Tom B. saw the beauty in the patterns of the stumps, and got the shot below.

We had a break at the two mile mark, on the concrete dam of the upper reservior.  The last 2 miles were through dry grass hillsides, across a meadow, and up a hill where the trail had been obliterated by downed trees.  At the lake, some of us hiked all the way aroundthe lake, and found the best spot for a large group like ours.  There were no other people at the lake.
Below are some pictures of the scouts at our campground.

Tom, Jim, and Grant hiked up to the top of Rapid Peak, and got the shot below of our tents at Rapid Lake, and they hiked down to Summit lake and approved it for a future campsite.