D Power Camping Stove

The folks at Dpower sent me one of their stoves to try out, and I had a chance to try it out this weekend.  These are for sale on Amazon, for $19.99.  I tried boiling water on this little stove, and it took less than 3 minutes to bring 2 cups to a rolling boil, and about 4.5 minutes to bring 4 cups to a boil.  I often use an alcohol stove, and that is about twice as fast as my alcohol stove.

This stove is of the remote canister type, and takes standard fuel canister.  One thing I noticed is that the three legs of the Dpower provide a wider and more stable stance than the MSR Pocket Rocket.  Since the Pocket Rocket is mounted on top of a fuel canister, the stability of the PR is based on the diameter of the gas canister its attached to.  The center of gravity is high for the PR, for that reason.  I've had the Pocket Rocket tip over or be knocked over due to the unstable balance issue and high center of gravity, so being more stable then the Pocket Rocket is a good thing.  The three pot supports of the Dpower are also wider than the three pot supports of the Pocket Rocket, which further enhance stability.  The two stoves are compared side by side below.

The Dpower has a piezo electric starter, which the Pocket Rocket doesn't have.  It weighs 5.1 oz compared to the 3.1 oz of the Pocket Rocket.  Having the remote canister allows this stove to used for baking, such as with the Backcountry Oven.  Simmer control is fine with the Dpower. All in all its a pretty nice stove for $20.