Sawtooth Lake

Sawtooth Lake is one of the most iconic lakes in Idaho, yet you can camp there on 4th of July weekend and have the whole lake to yourself. We have caught fish there, swam there, but mostly just partook of the granduer.  I have probably visited there 6 times, and I never tire of the views on the hike in, nor the camping at the lake. 

Slowpoke RLS 178.a.jpg

Below is an early morning view of the lake from part way up the side of Mt. Reagan, with our tents and the trail showing the size of the lake. 

Copy of Sawtooth Lk 2005 031.a.jpg
Sawtooth Lk 2005 046.a.jpg

Above, the gang having some wonderful breakfast in the early morning sun, with the wonderful lake as a backdrop. 

Sawtooth Lk 2005 069.a.jpg

The mood of the troops: Ciera - can we go now?  Jim - yeah, this is fun!  Tuckie: Lets go!