Hell Roaring Lake, Idaho

Got in a late season hike in 2017, to Hell Roaring Lake in the Sawtooths of Idaho.  Rain was forecast at 50% chance, and we knew higher elevations had some snow and might get more. Its about a 5 mile hike and the air was cool, the sun wonderfully warm.  We knew we were experiencing a treat and fully appreciated the sun.  There is not much elevation gain, and the views across the lake of the higher peaks of the Sawtooths were great!  


From Hell Roaring Lake, Imogene Lk is a good day hike at about 5 miles, so the next day we headed up there. The trail was wet, the bushes were wet, and we got into more and more snow in shady areas.


Imogene was generally fogged in, with a few peeks of sun now and then.