Food for a Typical Day of Backpacking

ford for a day backpacking

Some people say that 2 lbs of food per day of backpacking is about right. Some say that is too much food. 2 lbs per day is about right for me, and here is what a day's worth of food look like (above) and what my typical food is (below): 


oatmeal     2.8oz

coffee plus 2 sugar   0.5

Dried milk (for coffee), 2 TSP   0.5


Spaghetti with Freeze Dried Sausage granules 5.9

Miso soup     0.6

Cocoa           0.5

Orange slice    0.75


Clif Bar     2.5

Builder Bar     2.6

honey stinger     1.3

Tang     4.3

4 crystal light     0.5

cheese     2.5

peaches     3

dates        3

Pepperoni 3 oz

triscuit crackers     3 oz

Total                34.25oz