Tarptent Motrail tent

We took this tent on the John Muir Trail last year, and liked  it just fine. It weighs 2 lbs, 7 oz, so for two guys the weight is pretty reasonable. Cost is $259 June 2017. It has excellent width, and tons of mesh. I put light cords on the tie out points so its ready to be used with stakes or rocks. I added a front and rear tie out line for extra stability, but it probably doesn't need it. I also added shock cords to the front and back, which helps it bounce back from strong winds, so it stays taught at all times. It has one little pole, about 14 inches long, which can be removed for stuffing the tent. 


Tarptent (located at tarptent.com) has hit a sweet spot for light weight, excellent function, and cost.  You can get lighter tents, but you have to pay hundreds of dollars more. The tarptent Squall II and now the Motrail are my top tent picks for backpacking and have been for 10 years. The Squall II is still around, but its been used enough that I don't fully trust it to be waterproof in heavy rains. Its kind of a loaner tent now.