The 11.3 lb full comfort pack

The first question is what conveniences do you give up when you have a light pack? Bug protection? Hot food? Sleeping comfort? ground cloth? Rain protection? First aid kit?  The answer: you give up none of those things. 

The second question is what does this 11 lbs of gear cost?  OK, its not necessarily cheap, but not unreasonable. 

The third question: what specific brands do you use to achieve this 11 lb full comfort backpack?  



Top Row , left to right

Big Agnes Scout UL2 tent and stakes:  2 lb  $300

Enlightened Equipment 20 degree quilt. 14 oz  $255, cheaper alternatives available

6 stakes for tent

next to the stakes, first aid: moleskin, OTC meds, sterile pads, tape

Toiletries: toothbrush, tooth paste, deoderant, nail clippers, ear plugs, nail sanding stick, wet wipes:  4.6 oz

Portable Bidet: 2.2 oz, Bed Bath and Betond $10

Snow Peak 900 Titanium pot: 6.3 oz, $34

Trail Designs Sidewinder stove and pot stand: 2.5 oz, $80 (inside pot)

Stove accessories:  bic lighter, sponge piece, simmer ring: 0.8 oz (inside pot)

Cozy for pot: 0.7 oz, homemade (around pot)

Middle Row, left to right

carbon poles: 15.1, $32, Costco. these were lighter than my $120 poles

Western Mountaineering down coat 14 oz $349, cheaper and lighter ones are available, but man this thing is warm. Its in the long red stuff sack

Outdoor Research raincoat: 7 oz, $129, cheaper ones available (Frog Toggs are a cheaper alternative, at $15)

Sea to Summit inflatable Pillow 2.4 oz ($40, this is an optional item)

North Face Wool blend ski hat: 3.1 oz

Patagonia light weight long underwear: 7.8 oz, $98, cheaper alternatives available

wool blend socks for sleeping: 2.4 oz, $20

1 spare of wool blend socks, $20

Bottom Row, left to right

Neoair sleeping pad: 12.5 oz, $159 (you could get cheaper)

MLD rain chaps: 1.7 oz (Frog Toggs are $15)

MLD waterproof over mitts 1.1 oz 

pack cover in the form of a trash bag: 1.3

Petzl elite headlamp: 0.8 oz, $30, cheaper ones available

Misc: whistle, extra bic, wooden matches, compass, hand sanitizer, shower hat (to cover camera), bear hang cord, trowel : 6.5 oz

Aqua Mira water treatment: 2.7 oz

STS bug net: 0.8 oz

plastic spoon 0.4

Smart Water bottle: not shown

Cell phone (for GPS, camera, timelapse video) 6.2 oz, cost not counted

sunlgasses 0.7 oz, cost not counted

Bottom right: 

50 L backpack (Golite Jam ) or equivalent) 32 oz ($149 for REI Flash 45)

total weight 11.3 lbs

Total costs: $1800, but could be knocked down to about $900 by cheaper (but a little bit heavier) alternatives. I probably wouldn't buy all these things as my first gear, but if I did I would not have to buy replacements later, and compared to the cost of a road bike or ski boat or snowmobile, these are cheap. This gear list represents 50  years of purchasing backpacking gear and gradual improvements.