Food for a week

The photo below shows food for a week of backpacking, with each column being one days worth of food. Some foods are in packs for multiple days or the whole week, such as dried milk and cocoa, Nunn tablets, yogurt raisins, peaches, cheese, and the tortillas are for multiple meals. Typical food for one day is outlined by the yellow box. Not shown: precooked shelf stable bacon, box of triscuits

days food.jpg

Dinners are mostly home assembled, and my favorites are:

Pack-It Gourmet Big'Un Burrito

Pasta carbonara with bacon (home made)

Spaghetti with freeze dried sausage granules (home made)

Spicy beef cous cous (home made) 

Scalloped potatoes with bacon (home made)

Ramen based dinner (home made)

I take enough bulk cocoa for 1 cup per night, and a bag of tea per night with sugar. I'm a diabetic but hiking all day just wrings all the sugar out of my system, so I have to have enough to get through the night. 


breakfast: For breakfasts of shorter backpacks I like bagels toasted in butter, a slice of cheese, and a slice of Canadian bacon or precooked bacon. My second choice is cereal and milk made from Nido dried milk. When I have to use a bear canister, oatmeal is more compact, so reluctantly I use oatmeal. I use Red Mill instant oatmeal, and add brown sugar, some kind of nuts, and some kind of dried fruit. I take Via instant coffee with two packs of sugar, for energy at breakfast. 

Lunches: Lunch menus have to have energy for the long climbs, some protein for long term energy, and fats for high octane. I love honey stingers, a serving of Tang for the afternoon  slump, a hard cheese, Ritz crackers, Nunn tablets for electrolytes, and pepperoni sticks. I cut the pepperoni into small pieces. I also have some dried peaches or dates, For each day I have two or three Crystal Lite packs. A Builder Bar, yorurt covered raisins, and a Clif Bar round out the lunch. I am pretty sick of both, and I'll probably try something different this summer. I used to be a fan of Payday bar, I might try that again.  I don't cook anything for lunch, and I eat and drink something every time I stop.