Stage 4 of the kayak build: deck lines

The traditional color of deck lines of boats out of the Skin Boat School is any color you want, as long as its black. The boat below is Corey’s favorite boat, in red and black.


Being a troublemaker, I decided to add a splash of color to the boat. I went with blue. I needed 1/2” rope around the coaming, to serve as a lip for the spray skirt. The deck bands are elastic, and I also needed blue paracord, and I decided to get blue that is reflective. Here is how it came out.


the balance point on the kayak is about in the center of the cockpit, so I can reach through and grab the first deck piece, and lift it with one hand. It weighs 30 lbs, so even an old guy like me can lift it easily. The perimeter lines are so a person can grab the boat anywhere, and hang on to it. I know the blue will fade, but those lines are not hard to change once in a while if I feel like it.