Day 9 and 10, on the Camino Frances, Lorca to Logrono

We had limped into Lorca, tired and sore, and the next morning we decided we had to give Laura’s blisters a chance to heal. We got on the bus and headed to Logrono for a rest day. First stop: beer in the shade. We are getting good at this.


We stayed in an upscale hotel (air conditioned thank God!), took a shower, and headed out for adventure. As is typical in these hotels, you put your room card in a wall reader in order to turn on the lights and air conditioning. If you leave the room and take your key card, the AC shuts off. We had two room cards, so we left one in the wall in order to keep the AC on.


There is a big cathedral in the old town of Logrono, and also a covered walkway in front of businesses. We found a place that sold hamburgers, so we ordered both of of our favorite food: hamburgers! They turned out to be chicken burgers, but they were good.


This church was built in the 13th century, the door and entry are from the 15th century, and not more than a block from our hotel. .