Day 11 on the Camino Frances, Logrono to Navarette

Our hotel was right on the Camino, so the next morning we were on the “trail” and walking through the quiet city streets before anyone was up. The older part of the city looks like all medieval Spanish cities, narrow streets and tall buildings. We soon passed through more contemporary parts of the city, and headed out of town by a wide pathway, in the company of lots of Logronites out for a day hike.


We went over a hill (there was a hill every day), and headed through fields of grapes toward an old town on a hill. That town was Navarrete. We had a beer on the outskirts of town, and found the hotel where we had reservations. We got a hamburger, and asked for fries, but instead of “French” fries, we got “Spanish” fries.


We cruised around town, got an afternoon beer, and talked to some locals who confirmed that the nearby wall was a medeival defensive wall. I wondered who they were defending against. Turns out it was a town on the borders of Castille and Navarre, and ownership frequently changed hands. It had a wall and a castle, with only parts of the wall remaining.