Day 19 on the Camino Frances, Leon to Villadangos del Paramo

The walk paralleled a hiway all the way, was on the shoulder part way. Not fun! We did see some interesting sites, however, like an old pilgrim who looked as tired as I felt, underground wine cellars and old church bell towers with storks nests in them.


My destination was a hotel in Villadango which was an odd place, as albergues go. It was adjacent to a truck stop, and several big trucks were parked in the parking lot. At the hotel I pushed a button, and heard a person from the cafe, who buzzed the door open. I went inside, and found my name and key on the front desk, and headed up to my room without any person present. The room was palacial, in the way that Sadam Hussein’s whore house might have been palacial.