Day 20 on the Camino Frances, Villedangos to San Justo

This days walk had a lot of “alongside the hiway” walking, and walking through Hospital de Orbigo where I had breakfast, over a Gothic bridge, through some land that really seemed to be wilderness, past a bronze statue of a pilgrim, to the town of San Justo de la Vega.


The Gothic bridge over the river Orbigo was used by Napoleon to pursue the English in 1809. The English general blew up 2 of the arches at that time. Flood has washed arches away 5 times. There are 19 arches, the purpose of which I’m guessing are to allow lots of water to pass by during floods. Arches 3-6 are from the 13th century, arches 7-16 are 17th century, and arches 1-2 and 17-19 are from the 19th century.