Day 21 on the Camino Frances, San Justo to El Ganzo

Almost immediately this morning I was in the town of Astorga, and having breakfast in a downtown cafe. A guy had been kicked out of an albergue, the host had called the cops, and they were talking to him on the sidewalk. He went on and on about how the proprietor was so mean to him but I had only known the guy for 5 minutes and I already didn’t like him. I suspected there were two sides to that story.

I had my usual eggs and bacon, coffee and juice, and toured the central plaza where it was market day. I was looking for a wash cloth, and found a perfect one in a store.


The Bishop’s Palace (above) was designed by Spanish artist Gaudi, and begun in 1889, and finished in 1913. A cathedral next door was built over an earlier church which stood from 1041 to the 13th century. It was started 1471, finished in the 16th century (below).


From Astorga the Camino heads out into uncultivated countryside and through several towns where they sold beer. I checked.


My destination was El Ganzo, and I passed an old fellow selling trinkets on the trail. I bought the first of several pieces of jewelry here, to give to Tuckie when I was back in Idaho.


Above, the proprietetress of Apartamientos Gabino.