Day 22 on the Camino Frances, El Ganzo to PonFerrada

I had a relaxing time at El Ganzo, and figured I needed to jump ahead some in order to be in position to connect with my daughter Ciera, who would soon be joining me. I went back to Astorga by taxi, and got on a bus to Ponferrada. Ponferrada has the root works for bridge, and iron, and may be name for a bridge reinforced by iron.


A giant Templar fort or castle is on the high point of town, built by the Templars in 1218-1282. It was abandoned, became a private residence, and was half demolished for stone until restoration started in the 20th century, and its impressive now.

The video above in INSIDE the castle, in which the town residents and their livestock could take refuge when the castle was besieged. The castle was attacked many times over the centuries, although the Templars were not around to use the castle much. They were dispanded 20 years after it was constructed.


The view above is the square in the old part of the city where I enjoyed some gelato and shade.