Camino Norte, day 5, Orio to Zumaia

We walked through the little town of Orio, and continued on to the beach town of Getaria, followed by Zuaratz, where we had lunch.


We did a lot of highway walking this day, often but not always on seldom traveled paved roads.


In Zumaia we stayed at a camping site, which was frequented by people who were van, bus, car, and tent camping. This was like a KOA campground in the U.S. We were in a separate cabin, 2 bedrooms, a prefab type mini cabin. We had a bathroom, a couch, kitchen area, and a frig. There was a store and cafe present, and the whole vibe was “campers”, not “pilgrims”. The walking was 10 km, 6.2 mi, with the last part by Taxi because we were super tired.
Lunch on the beach in Zarautz, €22 (resort town)
€8 ice cream cone
€20 taxi to Zumaia

cost of our cabin
€20 dinner
100% of the way was on paved road