Camino Norte, day 7, Deba to Markina

We left Deba just as the bakery opened, so we got sandwiches (bocadillos) for the trail. The Camino left town over a rickety bridge high over the water, then we headed up a hill. After an hour or so of climbing, the road split, with the Camino going left and up, the Not Camino going straight and down. We chose the Not Camino, figuring we could reconnect with the Camino by going around a big hill instead of over it. A short cut in other words. We found ourselves on a paved and quiet road, among rolling fields and farms, with a view of the ocean.


The map above shows our route in red. We stopped at the San Juan cafe for a much needed Nestea, then turned uphill, and a short steep trail reconnected us to the Camino at Galbario Ermita. Those who had stayed on the Camino had no water on this stretch of the Camino.

We continued on through big hills covered with pastures and cultivated forests. They grow lots of pine and eucalyptus in the whole region, planted in neat rows and harvested regularly in clear cuts. Our path took us through the village (3 farm houses) of Olatz. Our one liter in water bottles was sufficient to get us to here, and the photo below shows the only water source of the day, in the black hose on the fence in Olatz. From here 2 liters are advised to get to Markina, and we only had one each. It was mostly cool weather, but we were dehydrated when we got to Markina.


We got to Hotel Antsotegi on the other side of Markina, where there was, no wifi, no hot water, rude staff, no screen on window, so can't open window, no frig, no washing machine, no kitchenette, and we stayed in a dark stuffy small room. The funny thing was they acted like they were a special place and we were being rude to demand hot water, and to not be ignored in the dining room. My advice is - not to stay here. Mileage for the day, 24 km, 16 miles.

Costs of the day

Beer €4
Bocadillos €2
Water only in Olatz along a fence there is a spigot, need 1 liter to Olatz, 2 liters there to Markina
Hotel €102,
Chorizo in town, very good €8
Nestea €4
Dinner: bean soup, bread, nestea €11 (rip off)
100% paved roads, but they were country roads.