Kitchen knives for Laura

I promised Laura I’d make a set of kitchen knives for her. Little did I or she know it would take a year! I found a set of old Chicago Cutlery knives and some miscellaneous paring knives, in which the blades were in good shape, and the handles had seen too many visits to the dish washer. These are pretty cheap on ebay.


Next I cut off the old crappy wood handles, and cleaned the rust and crud off the handles.


Next I cut maple scales from scraps from our recent hardwood floor remodel. To the maple would be added green liner material, for a dash of color. I used cutlery rivets to reinforce the handles on the knives, and for that I bought a super wide jaw “vise grip” as a rivet tool. This didn’t work very well, and you certainly can’t pound them together. However, once they telescope together, they’ll never come apart.