Tuck Lake, Washington

Laura, doggie Ruth, and I headed to Tuck Lake in Washington state recently. We parked the car at the end of the road, at about 3400’. Its about a 5.5 mile hike, with the first 4 miles not having a lot of elevation gain. All the elevation gain takes place in the last 1.5 miles, and is really not much of a trail at that point. Its more of a scramble up a rocky steep hillside, gaining 1800’ up the mountainside to Tuck Lake.


Laura brought her little dog, Ruth the mini Aussie, and we thought we’d be carrying her part of the way. Boy were we wrong. That little doggie took off up the trail, and would look back at us with a quizzical look, like “come on guys, lets go!”


We finally got to the lake, which is at 5200’. The first night the tent sites were limited, so we camped on a rock ledge, looking across the valley to Mt. Daniel. The level of clouds just obscured the top of the peak.


The second day we moved to a roomer spot, and the sun came out a bit. The island in the lake is pretty awecome.