Loon Lake, Oct 19-20

Loon Lake has become a regular with our troop as a late season and early season hike.  It is about 6000? elevation, so is snow free when higher mountains are snow covered.  Of great interest to the scouts is the crashed D-23 bomber.  The bomber crashed in a winter storm in WWII days.  Three of the 8 crewmen hiked out, and reached a phone in a forest service cabin and called McCall.  The crewmen that stayed with the plane were rescued by a plane with skiis that landed on the frozen lake.

This hike is a good one to remind us to bring hats and gloves, not to wear cotton jeans or clothes, and check your gear with a checklist! (I forgot my tent poles!)

Loon Lake with morning fog.

The link below is to a time lapse video I took of the lake with morning fog roaming around the hills. Click on the link, and then click on the link on the second page, wait till it buffers.  It takes awhile. Taken with my iphone and the Canopy app.