Bonneville Hot Springs in Winter

Winter camping with scouts, or with anyone, is better when there is a hot springs around.  A few hardy scouts and Todd and I as leaders headed to Bonneville Hot Springs for a snow camp. We hauled ourgear in about a mile, and set up tents for sleeping.  The boys sledded most recklessly using the sleds we used to haul our gear in.  Then we had some chile for dinner, and headed to the hot springs just before dark.  They did not disappoint, and Todd declared they the best natural hot springs he has visited.

The ground around the hot springs is warm, and has melted all the snow off in a 100 yard radius.  In the morning there is frost on the ground, but that gives way to the tremendous volume of heat that comes out of the ground.  There are green leafy plants, grasses, and moss that are green all winter.