Magic Rocks

The Magic Rocks are carved from solid basalt by millions of granite rocks, stones, pebbles and sand, driven by mega force water during spring runoff.  The water borne abrasives cut through the softer basalt like butter, leaving pot holes, and strangely shaped smooth boulders and bedrock.

A contingent of T100 scouts and scouters visited Magic Rocks near the Idaho town of Shoshone, and not far from the Shoshone Ice Caves.  The ice caves have ice all summer, and are in long underground lava tubes

On the drive home, we hiked a few miles to the caldera of the shield volcano that pumped out the lava covering the surrounding countryside.  It is located NW of Shoshone Ice Caves, and you reach is from a dirt road off Highway 75.  BLM has a good map to Magic Rocks on their website.