Moon Dipper Hot Springs

We did a late November hike to Moon Dipper Hot Springs, Troop 100 and I. We drove about 20 miles into the mountains above Crouch, then hiked 2 miles to the hot springs. We crunched through snow on the drive in, but most of the trail was free of snow because it was open and south facing.


We camped near the hot springs and the boys made a bee line to the hot water. They are mostly out of the water in the photo below because the water was too hot, and they hadn't figured out how to regulate the heat.  When it got adjusted it was a perfect 102-103 except for a few hot spots in the gravel. 


One young fellow and his Dad decided to surprise the group by carrying in a full size Dutch oven, BBQ briquettes and starter, and lid lifter. They made a pumpkin desert with cake mix and pumpkin pie filling, and it was the perfect thing before bed.  


There was ice on the rocks in the stream, and it was cold all day. At night it was between 10-20 degrees, and I was cold sleeping in a quilt I was testing. It was a great quilt, just a little below its comfort temperature for me.  More later on that quilt.