Lighter Long Johns save almost a pound!

Between my 2016 JMT and my 2017 JMT I saved 5 pounds in pack weight. Having light weight long johns saved a pound of that. Shown below, left to right are 

1. Patagonia Heavy weight long underwear (top and bottom): 1 lb 5.1 oz

2. Patagonia Mid weight long underwear (top and bottom): 15.9 oz

3. Patagonia Light weight long underwear (top and bottom): 7.8 oz



When I weighed my 2016 JMT gear, the weight of the long underwear seemed heavy at 1 lb 5.1 oz.  The 2017 JMT was in July, so I thought a light weight set would do, and it turned out to save me 13.3 oz. When you get your pack weight down in the low teens, those last few ounces are very hard and very expensive to get rid of.  Here I save 13.3 oz very painlessly, and with the quilt I was using they were very adequate.The other ways I shaved off 5 lbs included: 

#1 Lighter hiking poles

#2 Lighter Sleeping Pad

#3 Lighter camp chair

#4: Light weight long johns

#5: Gorillapod Tripod

#6: Enlightened Equipment 20 Quilt: