Lighter Hiking Poles

This is another way I saved in total about 5 lbs in base weight between 2016 and 2017.  I saw some pretty decent hiking poles at Costco, and we got a pair for my wife Tuckie. They were only about $35, compared to the $120 I had paid for the lightest hiking poles that they had at REI, and they were lighter than the expensive poles! The brand is
Cascade Mountain Tech.

my recent (2016-2017) weight saving purchases: 

#1 Lighter Hiking Poles

#2 Lighter Sleeping Pad

#3 Lighter camp chair

#4: Light weight long johns

#5: Gorillapod Tripod

#6: Enlightened Equipment 20 Quilt:

We got them home, weighed them, and used them a few times hiking around the foothills of Boise. After verifying they would do the job, I had a get a pair for myself. The Costco poles are carbon fiber, and lock with a cam lock, same as the Leki Micro Vario I have been using recently.

Pictured below are from left to right the Costco poles, Leki Micro Vario, and the heavier Leki Makalu. 


The weights are as follows:

Costco poles: 15.6 oz, cost $35

Leki Micro Vario: 20.4 oz, cost $120

Leki Makalu Twist Lock: 20.74 oz, $75

Saving 4 oz isn't very much, but all those ounces add up to pounds.  Below are the Cascade Mountain Tech poles from Costco in action, crossing Tyndall Creek on the John Muir Trail. I can't imagine doing a crossing like this without poles. The Costco poles (Cascade Mountain Tech) have no shock absorbing action, but I don't need that feature for stream crossing. The cam lock is nice for easy adjustment of length for holding up the ends of a tent, or for uphill vs downhill walking.