Enlightened Equipment 20 degree Revelation Quilt


I've had great comfort from my Western Mountaineering megalite sleeping bag. It is rated at 30 degrees, and weighs a scant 1 lb 10 oz.  My impression of quilts was that I would spend all night chasing down drafts, and would not be comfortable. I tested a 40 degree down quilt, and did spend a lot of time tucking in gaps around my shoulders and back. But I loved the freedom of movement, and decided to get a warmer quilt. The Revelation by EE is made to order, and takes about 8 weeks to arrive. Since its made only when its ordered, they can make it any color you want. I specified dark blue outside and black inside, so when I spread it in the sun it would absorb the maximum solar heat, plus would show dirt less. The Revelation is shown above.  The yellow thing is my inflatable air mattress. 

I've used the EE Revelation quilt for about 20 days in the backcountry now, and I love it. It weighs 14 oz!!!!!  It packs into the size of a cantaloupe (in a compression sack). I figured out how to work the neck closure, and it is effective at keeping out drafts. You connect the top two corners, and put your head through the resulting opening like its a big napkin. Then if its cold you tighten the neck drawstring, and the sides are pulled around your shoulders. The lower 24" or so are a foot tube, and can be zipped open.  You wear long underwear when using this quilt, so your skin is not against the air mattress. The Revelation quilt is $255, and the WM Megalite (an excellent sleeping bag) is $460. 

Weight saved: 12 oz, plus its more comfortable.