A lighter Camp Chair, the Helinox Zero

Getting rid of those last few pounds and ounces is really tough (and expensive), so this find was an appreciated weight saver. I came to like camp chairs when I hiked in Grand Gulch in Utah. I helped my friend George Walter carry a chair he had, so I got to use it in camp. I had to admit it was wonderful.  This lighter version of a camp chair is item is #3 in the 6 items that saved me 5 lbs in my pack weight between 2016 and 2017.  

##1 Lighter hiking poles

#2 A Lighter Sleeping Pad

#3 Lighter camp chair

#4: Light weight long johns

#5: Gorillapod Tripod

#6: Enlightened Equipment 20 Quilt:

After that trip I got an REI Flexlite chair, and to my surprise it held up well. It was full of tired hikers every moment someone was in camp in the Wind Rivers of Utah. I wrote a review of it.


That chair weighed 1 lb 10.9 oz, and felt like a life saver when we did the JMT in 2016, and made our list of 10 game changing items on the 2016 hike. Here is Jim using the Flexlite in the Uintas in 2013.


In 2017 I got an even lighter chair, and saved a lot of weight, relatively. I got the Helinox Zero chair, which weighs 1 lb 2 oz!!  That saves 9 oz over the REI Flexlite, which is wonderful. It is equally restorative to plop butt in that chair of an evening. The pictures below show the Flexlite on the left, the Helinox on the right. Equal in function, but 9 oz lighter, that is huge.