A Lighter Tripod, Gorillapod

This is number 5 of the 6 ways I saved 5 lbs between 2016 and 2017. I got a lighter tripod. 

#1 Lighter hiking poles

#2 Lighter Sleeping Pad

#3 Lighter camp chair

#4: Light weight long johns

#5: Gorillapod Tripod

#6: Enlightened Equipment 20 Quilt:



In 2016 Jim and I did the JMT with a carbon fiber tripod, the Sirui T-025x carbon fiber tripod. We used it every day of the 22 day hike, for the camera and timelapses on the iphone.  I hiked with it in one hand generally, so I could quickly set it up and get a video of hikers on the trail. It was a great tripod, and fairly light at 1 lb 14.3 oz.  My photographer friends say that is way too light for a good tripod. My ultralight friends say that is way too heavy for a tripod, and you don't need one anyway. For photography they are pretty nice, and we even used it as a stand for our gravity water filter.  

In 2017 I got a Gorillapod and it worked fine on the trip. It weighs 6.6 oz, so saved me more than a pound. Of course its shorter, but there is almost always a rock or log to set it on, or even a low tree branch around which it can wrap. 


The guy at REI said it was not strong enough to support my DSLR (Sony a6000), with a big wide angle lens. We set it up, and proved that it was strong enough to support the camera.  It also proved useful as a sliding carriage on our UL camera dolly.  I did not miss the bigger tripod at all.