MSR Dragonfly Stove


MSR (Mountain Safety Research) makes a dynamite stove in the Dragonfly model.  I have used this stove in lots of winter camping trips, when lots of heat needs to be generated to melt snow for water.  On Mt. Shasta one time we had my Dragonfly melting snow for about 3 hours!!  It used 1.5 of the small fuel canisters (11 oz I think) on the whole trip, which included a dinner for 3 and melting snow for our water needs.  The setup below includes a base for winter camping, and a wind shield.  The espresso maker completes the setup. This thing simmers, unlike other stoves, and turns into a blow torn when you turn it up. You might as well cease conversation when its on, because its loud. In winter a squirt of fire paste helps get it going in super cold weather. Unlike canister stoves, it runs fine in super cold weather once it gets going. 

Winter Camping 051.jpg

Like all MSR liquid fuel stoves, fuel enters a heated tube, vaporizes, is mixed with air, and exits the fuel nozzle like a jet engine, roar and all.  However, unlike some models, the Dragonfly is built to allow precise flame control, including a tiny simmering flame.  Its fuel efficiency is unbelievable, and like all white gas stoves, beats all compressed gas stoves in winter use.  The pretty pictures above are from MSR.